DEA Summer Camp: First Week

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We had a fantastic start to our first week of camp at Dea Music & Art summer camp! Our campers spent the week creating works of art in a variety of mediums, participating in Theater/ Acting activities, building musicianship during individual piano lessons and group singing, and began brainstorming ideas for our upcoming all-camp video project!


During our art program this past week, students developed their creativity and imagination through a number of art projects. Campers created hand-printed birds, designed sculptures using clay, painted watercolor landscapes, designed construction paper monsters, and created collages that described ourselves using recycled magazines. Campers have been compiling their work in their portfolios which can be taken home at the end of their time at camp.


During our first week of camp, campers started to get to know one another, build confidence in themselves, and make new friends through our theater/acting games. Our creative group projects work across curriculums, blending art, music, dance, storytelling, theater, writing, and technology. With this in mind, campers brainstormed ideas for our video project. One idea many of the campers wanted to further develop was to create a scary/horror movie. To gain a better idea of the genre, students watched the movie Hotel Transylvania. Through this, campers discussed characters, costumes, plot development, and themes associated with this genre. Continuing with this theme, campers learned The Addams Family theme song. This upcoming week, we will look into developing another idea which was to recreate the Parent Trap movie.


For this upcoming week, campers will begin contributing to our all-camp collaborative art project and continuing developing our all-camp video project ideas.

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