Rock Idol 🎸

Our all new Rock Idol class at DEA Music & Art

For kids ages 5 and up

🎸 1 Weekly Private Lesson (30 Mins)

🎸 1 Weekly Group Rehearsal (45 Mins)

Our rock idol class is the class where students start their most fun musical journey. It is our program that combines individual music instrument instruction with weekly group rehearsal.

Students are assigned a rock band piece that will suit their age, ability and experience. Students will have one weekly individual class and one band rehearsal every week.

Weekly band rehearsals will teach students the fundamentals of their instrument while playing in a band in the most fun atmosphere. Performance on stage will end the program.

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Staten Island - Willowbrook

585 North Gannon Ave, Staten Island, NY 10314

Staten Island - Saint Mary's

19 Saint Mary’s Ave, Staten Island, NY 10305

Staten Island - Page Avenue

57 Page Avenue Staten Island, NY 10309