David Estioco

Throughout my career, I have performed at Merkin Concert Hall, Weill Recital Hall, Steinway Hall and among other venues in New York City. It is my utmost desire to teach and educate people of all ages my vast knowledge in music. I have studied music for over 15 years and everyday has been an on­going learning experience for me. Learning all aspects and mediums of music has been a deep desire of mine.

It is my utmost pleasure to share and teach my experiences in music to students. In my years of teaching music, I have learned that I acquire just as much knowledge in music as my student does from me. I was raised in a classically ­oriented teaching style in piano. Though unpopular to my peers at the time, I had an appreciation for classical music that motivated me to learn new pieces and methods in a classical sense. Through competitions and recitals, I overcame high levels of stress and pressure easily, in an enjoyable manner. Though rigorous and meticulous, my experience and journey in music was not easy. However I am ultimately grateful of who I am today thanks to my teachers and parents who motivated me to continue on and not give up.

I believe every beginner student must approach music with a desire to understand the core fundamentals of Classical music including music theory and history. As a teacher, it is my duty to keep the student interested and make the lesson plans enjoyable and fun. A balance between student and teacher is important in terms of goals, desires and methods.

Seeing a student thrive and succeed is the number one goal for a teacher. Understanding the student is important to me, as it would greatly help me in producing an effective and practical lesson plan. In my experience, rewards in accomplishing small tasks goes a long way for the student.