Giovanni Suárez

Giovanni Suárez is a singer-songwriter, guitarist, audio engineer and producer. Born and raised in Colombia, his musical education began in 1996 at Edward R. Murrow High School in Brooklyn, NY. The Guitar Ensemble and Digital Music Program were essential to Giovanni’s development as a performer and composer. As he continued his new life in the United States, he achieved many goals, one of which was pursuing his music career by obtaining a Bachelor of Music Technology from New York University in 2004.
Giovanni’s compositions are a fusion of different elements coming together creating a sound that can be categorized as Latin Pop/Rock. Included in this fusion are his biggest influences: Classical and Rock along with his Latin folk music and other world rhythms. The combination of these sounds come together hand in hand with Giovanni’s approach to his music, creating a unique and refreshing sound.
As a teacher, he has discovered a new way to share his passion for music. Seeing the joy and development of his students is an immense gratification on its own. A talent is not necessarily something that you are born with; instead, it is a passion that you develop throughout the years. After that, it becomes who you are, it is the mere description of your life and the way you see the world.