Jeanette Verhey

It is my mission to help students gain confidence in their lives. I love music and happen to use it as a tool to do just that. I’ve studied piano since the age of 8. I began singing as a young teen and studied guitar in my early 20’s. In more recent years, I’ve learned to play the ukulele, and love it!  I also love to compose my own music. After receiving a BA in Music and Early Childhood Education, I’ve enjoyed teaching music both privately and in the classroom for nearly 30 years. I’ve produced and directed many recitals with various themes, choral groups for community service and created a local theatre group. I’ve had great success in helping students with performing arts auditions, especially LaGuardia High School. I’ve also enjoyed performing in many genres such as classical, pop, new age and jazz. In addition to these genres, I’ve worked as a church organist and vocalist for many years as well. I’ve also worked as an artist over the years as a decorative painter. For me, music and art are both creative and beautiful forms of expression. It is wonderful to be able to share this with others.