Selena Huang

Selena Huang, was born in 1987 in China, she started to learn piano at the age of 8. She received the Bachelor Degree of Music Education in China at the year of 2010.  In 2015, she graduated from Eastern Illinois University, where she finished the Master Degree of Music Performance.  

Selena Huang’s teaching philosophy is deeply influenced by her two piano professors, Dr Susan Teicher and Dr. Jonathan L Bowman.  During about thirteen years of piano teaching, Selena realizes that, to think independently is very important for students to explore music. If students have their own ideas, the better effect they will achieve after lessons. When students can explain the music by themselves, that’s what the teaching goals are.

To make music colorful and passionate to students, is what Selena Huang tries her best to do in her teaching career. She also indebted to all her students who always teach her about music and life.