Dance Classes in Staten Island at DEA Music & Art!

We offer a range of dance opportunities that are open to everyone ofย all ages and levels of abilities.ย From ballet and dance to creative, contemporary, jazz and theater. It isย just as physical and demanding as many sports.ย 

Regular exercise can promote physical health, increase well-being, and lead to a better quality of life


Taught by an in house team of experienced RAD certifiedย instructors.

When it comes to ballet, dancers are not just moving around on stage. They’re creating an entire story with each movement and expression they create – which can make for quite a captivating performance!

Ballet has been entertaining audiences since 17th century France when Monsieur prescribe made his first appearance as part-storyteller in “The Dance Of The Hours” at Versailles during King Louis XIV’s Installation celebration games.


Contemporary Dance is about freedom of movement and thought, the joy of living and exploring within your body, and the opportunity to delve into a non-violent martial art.

An important part of the contemporary class will be occasional Viewing History days, where we will explore through video and discussion the history, techniques and important current figures of Contemporary Dance, as well as the dance history that has led us to this point.ย 

Benefits of dancing

When you dance, your brain is put to the test. The coordination and focus that comes with it are both improved as well! Remembering your moves and footwork is a great mental exercise to keep the brain sharp.

Dance is a vulnerable, but powerful form of expression that unites people from across cultures and creeds. It allows you to break down barriers with your fellow dancers as well as find new friends and make new connections. Improving social skills in and out of the studio.ย 

Dance class is not only about following the steps of an instructor, but also having room for creativity and personal expression. Dance allows kids to release their inner creative energy through interpretation which can be captured in moves or even just how one feels at any given time while they’re dancing.

Dances are a great way to escape from daily life’s stresses. They allow you the chance for some much needed relaxation and recovery, without having any worries or concerns about what is going on in your head at that moment!

Piano teachers at DEA music and art are professional, fun and knowledgeable. All of our teachers are masters in their craft! DEA has multiple programs, performances and events year-round to keep kids busy and engaged.

DEA has always taken the cleanliness of our studios and learning environments very seriously. We disinfect our instruments after each class and students are asked to wash their hands before each class starts!

We’ve recently launched our lessons with students online and have had great success! We’re alternating lessons at home, and lessons in studio week-by-week.


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