Ukulele lessons in Staten Island at DEA Music & Art.

Pretty young girl playing ukulele in the park

Looking for a simple instrument to start with?

The ukulele is a joy to learn and has an easy-to-understand learning curve (compared with other instruments such as guitars, violins or even musical pianos).

Sign up for our individual ukulele classes and get started on a musical journey.Β 

Guitar teachers at DEA music and art are professional, fun and knowledgeable. All of our teachers are masters in their craft! DEA has multiple programs, performances and events year-round to keep kids busy and engaged.

DEA has always taken the cleanliness of our studios and learning environments very seriously. We disinfect our instruments after each class and students are asked to wash their hands before each class starts!

Benefits of learning the Ukulele

The ukulele is an easy-to play instrument that can be enjoyed by beginners and experts alike. The four stringed nature makes it less complicated than other instruments, like guitars or pianos; there are plenty of online sources available if you’re looking to learn more!


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