Guitar Lessons

Guitar lessons in Staten Island at DEA Music & Art.

At DEA we offer individual guitar classes as well as guitar ensembles & rock bands.

Students in our guitar class have a perfect opportunity to “jam” with fellow guitarists while learning songs from classic rock. This specialized course introduces young guitarists to improvisation techniques and teaches them to listen to other people as well as themselves in order to improve in their trade. They learn musical properties such as harmony and chord progressions, which are both vital to a guitarist’s musical education.

Individual guitar lessons offer students a one-on-one working environment with dedicated and experienced teachers. Students will learn essential guitar techniques, including convenient fretting hand and picking technique as well as skilled use of chords and scales. Of course no guitar lesson goes without note reading.

We believe that public performances provide invaluable experience for our students. This is why we host seasonal recitals where students have the opportunity to perform in front of a live audience.

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Some benefits of learning the Guitar !

  • Stimulates the Brain, improving Neural Connections.
  • Strengthens Hand Muscles.
  • Enhances Split Concentration.
  • Aids children’s development
  • Improves Memory.

Learning to play an instrument can gradually improve your confidence. As you become more skilled and playing becomes more natural, your confidence grows. Learning a new skill and noticing your success makes you feel more confident, and this can filter through to all aspects of your life.

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