Violin Lessons

Violin lessons in Staten Island at DEA Music & Art.

We offer violin lessons to adults and kids age 4 and up.
Our violin lessons are taught by the finest violin teachers from around the world prevailingly with Masters of Music Degree  who have  performed or are performing in variety of styles.

Students will learn excellent violin technique, how to properly carry themselves  and position the instrument and bow. Our violin lessons also include music theory as the foundation block for further music education.

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Some benefits of learning the violin!

  • Stimulates the Brain, improving Neural Connections.
  • Strengthens Hand Muscles.
  • Sensory Development.
  • Helps Children accept Criticism Gracefully.
  • Relieves Stress.
  • Provides an Emotional Outlet.

Regular violin playing offers different physical and physiological advantages to players. It sharpens fine motor skills, improves dexterity and hand-eye coordination. Music has also been shown to reduce heart and respiratory rates, cardiac complications, and to lower blood pressure and increase immune response.

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Staten Island - Willowbrook

585 North Gannon Ave, Staten Island, NY 10314

Staten Island - Saint Mary's

19 Saint Mary’s Ave, Staten Island, NY 10305

Staten Island - Page Avenue

57 Page Avenue Staten Island, NY 10309