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Musical Theatre Program 🎤🎼

Musical Theatre in Staten Island at DEA Music & Art.

Junior Broadway ages 4-7 | Broadway ages 7+

1 Weekly Group Vocal Lesson (45 Min)

1 Weekly Group Drama/Choreography Lesson (45 Min)

Our Musical Theater program is one of our most unique programs found only at DEA Music and Art.

Students get a taste of the life of a Broadway actor through professional voice and acting lessons in a small group setting that we call clusters. Clusters come together in a whole theater cast rehearsals eight weeks before the show on stage.

The program ends in a captivating and delightfully fun performance, Choreography and drama classes are part of the program to fully support the growth of our young stage performers.

Students are grouped according to their age and ability and are given parts that suits their vocal range and showcase their talent.

⭐ Become a shining star! ⭐

The musical theater program is open to all children ages 4 and older, who have the passion to be on stage and would like sing and act with other fellow performers.

Classes are taught by proffessionals with years of experience in musical theater and performances on stage.

Here at DEA Music and Art Studio, performance opportunities are endless. Join us for memorable performances.

Classes will be on weekdays and Saturdays. Please contact us for details.

*Students may be called for additional rehearsals or special individual sessions.

**Dress Reherasals are mandatory.

Some benefits of our musical theatre program!

  • Stimulates the Brain, improving Neural Connections.
  • Develops coordination, concentration and memory.
  • Improves communication and social interaction skills.
  • Helps Children accept Criticism Gracefully.

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Staten Island - Willowbrook

585 North Gannon Ave, Staten Island, NY 10314

Staten Island - Saint Mary's

19 Saint Mary’s Ave, Staten Island, NY 10305

Staten Island - Page Avenue

57 Page Avenue Staten Island, NY 10309