Photos our piano students and teachers performing at Steinway Music Hall in Manhattan on 
March 5th, 2011      


"Dea" Music & Art School

Discover the place where music and art merge.


"Music expresses that which cannont be said and on which it is impossible to be silent"   -   Victor Hugo

2 convenient locations

   Rosebank                                       Willowbrook

19 St Mary's Ave                     585 North Gannon  Ave
Staten Island 10305                    Staten Island 10314

    718 876 5223                               718 370 7733

What we teach at "Dea" Music  and Art School.

Music is the only universal language 'spoken and spelled' the same in every part of the world.  It is  constructed of musical sentences, creating musical phrases, which develop into musical ideas.  These musical ideas reach into the deepest levels of the human soul. It is this language that we teach in our classroom.
Music uses notes and beats instead of letters and words and sometimes musical instruments instead of the human voice.

Understanding music, reading and writing it correctly is a learning progress that should be encouraged from an early age.
Our commitment and mission is to provide those skills at the highest standards.
Music stimulates equally the mind and the soul and creates equilibrium in our lives. It is the magical tool that can bring joy and fulfillment into our bodies and creates magical bridges of communication between different cultures and backgrounds.
Life without music is like nature without flowers, meaningless and bare.

Can you exist in a world without music? Imagine.....

The "Dea" Art Program is designed to teach students the fundamental lessons of every traditional art school, in a style and setting appropriate to the student's age. Lessons include color theory, composition, visual narrative, observational drawing and painting, and constructing in 3-D space. 

Create a professional portfolio of artwork as you explore the inspirational work of Art Masters. Learn about their creative process while using a variety of materials and techniques as you draw, sculpt, paint and collage.


    "Watch Your Child's Lesson on our Flat Screen TV in the Waiting Room"

all classrooms have video recording surveillance  24/7