The Importance Of Recitals

Our students have been learning different art techniques and developing their musicianship skills week after week during lessons. Now though, it comes time to showcase their work and talent at our end of the year recitals!


Although our spring recital and art exhibit is optional, here are a few reasons why is important for your child to participate!


  1. Setting Goals

Working towards a tangible goal, or in this case, a recital, is a great aspiration for students to work towards. Having a set date and performance piece in mind, encourages students to better manage their practice time with an objective in mind.


  1. Building Confidence

Presenting and performing in front of an audience is a unique opportunity for students to develop self confidence. It provides them with the chance to conquer their nerves and become more comfortable in front of crowds, especially in a supportive environment with their friends and family cheering them on.


  1. Present at a Professional Venue

When else will your child have the chance to perform a piece of music or present their masterpieces at a professional venue? Participating in a recital or exhibit held at a high quality performance space makes the event special and will be memorable for years to come.


  1. Personal Achievement

It’s a chance to show off what you’ve learned to an audience full of your friends and family! It is a fun experience that recognizes students for their hard work all year long. Having an opportunity to perform or present their work, provides your child with a sense of accomplishment, like none other!


  1. Value of the Arts

Participating in the recital gives your child the opportunity to hear live music, which is something that they don’t all too often get to do when they are young. Experiencing live art and music is not only rewarding, but demonstrates that you and your family values the arts and arts education.

We’re excited to see you and your child at the recital!


Musical Theater & Art Exhibit

Wednesday, June 21st

College of Staten Island

Music Students Showcase

Saturday, June 24th

Marc Scora Hall at Opera America

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