The Golden Keys 2018

DEA will be participating in the prestigious Golden Keys Competition in 2018 and students will ask why it’s important for them to compete.


Here is just a few reasons as to why they will learn and grown from the experience of competing.


  1. Shows off what students have learned. Students get to show off all the hard work they have been learning in music lessons to be able to present in front of an audience
  2. Sets goals – Students learn positive ways to learn, understand, and form critical thinking while pushing their own personal boundaries.
  3. Values other artists- This allows students to observe and learn from other students younger and older than themselves. They can use and adapt skills that they previously may have not known.
  4. Builds confidence- Students learn they they can achieve more by believing in themself. If they win, it will show them that hard work pays off.
  5. Allows Students to Grow- Students will feel a sense of personal achievement that they competed win or lose.
  6. The amazing ability of performing in a professional venue- Many students never have the luxury of performing in world renowned venues, they can tell there children one day about the amazing opportunity.


Competition is the best way for students to move forward through their musical journey!

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