About DEA Music & Art

Music is the only word pronounced the same way around the globe. It is a universal language that uses notes instead of words, phrases instead of sentences. It creates ideas that transcend cultural background, religion, and race, reaching into the deepest parts of the human soul. It stimulates our minds and unifies nations. This is the language we teach in our classroom. It is the language of DEA Studios.

DEA Music Studio was established in 2003 and has helped enrich life in many communities worldwide. The first school was founded in New York by scholarly musicians who wished to pass on their musical knowledge to future generations. Two more studios have been opened since in New York and in London, UK, and all three locations are successfully operating. They are run by musicians who have dedicated their lives to the music industry, actively performing and teaching. DEA has acquired an increasing reputation for success thanks to its philosophy. Each and every student in our care benefits from tailor made music instruction that meets all the aspirations as well as carefully constructed performing platforms to help with that extra ingredient much needed in life, confidence. Through music our students achieve life goals, such as good public speaking skills, confidence and high self esteem.

We ensure that the students’ time with us is filled with new and useful learning experiences, We believe that our performance platforms provide this constant exposure to learning. Our students are the future and the next generation of listeners and musicians, so acquainting them with networks of music and art is a central focus of our work at the school.

Magi D. Kapllani Founder/Director M.M. Piano Performance